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Vortex's environmental sensors maximise visibility to deliver the actionable data you need. Start making smarter decisions today.

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Air Quality Monitoring. Intelligence you can act on.

To reach environmental targets for air quality, you need a reliable monitoring system that automates the process to save you time and money.

Vortex’s air quality monitoring sensors work remotely, and don’t require any maintenance after installation. With hyperlocal data, they record and deliver the intelligence you need to meet regulatory compliance, quickly and painlessly. Identify pollution hotspots and causes to make high impact environmental decisions.

Air Pollution Management

The need to monitor air quality has never been greater. Our solution provides insights on air quality to maximise awareness, identify pollution hotspots and improve public health.

  • Continuous pollution data you can act on
  • Hyper local, granular visibility of air quality
  • Low cost, fit & forget technology
  • + much more
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Urban Environment Scanning

Infrastructure management, operational efficiency and road safety is challenging. Discover a way to monitor your assets in real-time.

  • Continuous scanning
  • Monitor critical assets in real-time
  • Predict maintenance needs
  • + much more
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Smart Parking

With a growing population, road traffic volume has increased. We help to reduce congestion by monitoring available parking spaces.

  • Analyse parking usage and allocate free spaces
  • Monitor use of restricted parking areas
  • Remove unnecessary carbon emissions
  • + much more
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Remote Infrastructure Management

Unplanned downtime on rail, highways and city roads leads to high costs and disrupted journeys. Discover a solution that delivers the insight needed to prevent issues.

  • Manage critical assets in real-time
  • Notifications on operational incidents
  • Eliminate risk of injury to workers and public
  • + much more
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Vtx mesh

Secure. Self-healing. Scalable.

VTX Mesh is our decentralised, wireless communication network that enables widespread connectivity. Highly secure, self-healing and self-forming, get reliable end-to-end communication between your IoT devices.

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British Science Week 2024

British Science Week: Our visit to Medway Primary School

Vortex and Marston Holdings led a workshop educating children on air pollution and mitigation strategies.

Vortex and Lyreco UK and Ireland partnership

Vortex partners with Lyreco UK and Ireland on Cymru Clean Air Scheme

Supported by the Welsh Government, Vortex joins one of six suppliers in the Well-Being Wales programme.

Enfield Journey and Places programme

Vortex partners with Smart Transport Hub in long-term deal with Enfield…

A groundbreaking eight-year partnership to monitor air quality at hyperlocal level.

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Maintenance free air quality monitors for cities and industry
VTX Air Card
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Real-time parking space detection sensors for smart cities
VTX Park Card
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Automated, continuous urban scanners for digital roads and assets
VTX City Card
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Remote Condition Monitoring for Smart Asset Management
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Vortex. In Action.

From local authority to industry-leading rail providers, discover how Vortex helps solve real-world problems with precise, real-time metrics.

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We deliver market-leading sensors that are easy to install, self-maintaining, and long-lasting. Get started with Vortex today and make reducing air pollution simple.