Infrastructure Monitoring

Alerts you can act on. VTX Infra provides advanced obstruction and intrusion recognition.

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Recognise. Report. Resolve.

VTX Infra monitors your rail and highway assets 24/7, providing high level reporting of data to identify the location and nature of any risks.

Low power, track level sensors provide advanced obstruction and intrusion recognition. And, with rapid notification alerts, quick resolutions are in your hands.

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Remote Condition Monitoring. Smart Asset Management

Reduce risk, lower cost and improve efficiency

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Decrease Downtime

Clear notifications to quickly identify: tunnel/level crossings, theft/trespass/vandalism, earth movements/landslides, worker safety hazards, livestock/animals on the rail and patterns in behaviour to decrease downtime.

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Consistency and Accuracy, Guaranteed

Accurate, consistent data for a real time asset register you can rely on. Instantly assess conditions, generate dashboards, and get the insights you care about most.

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Proactive Maintenance

Embrace the power of proactivity. With automated notifications of potential risks to your assets, you can deploy the right staff quickly to resolve, saving time, money and downtime.

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Enhanced Security

Connected by our secure, self-healing MESH network. Protect asset data with a system you can trust.

Icon no maintainence
Zero Maintenance, Minimised costs

Designed, manufactured and assembled in house, our monitors are incredibly cost-effective and require zero maintenance. Our sensors are self-healing and automatically resolve issues and updates, for hassle free management.

I believe this product will go a long way in the market and the company can help us with the safety aspect of the business.

Gregan Quick Project Manager, Network Rail
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Vtx mesh

Secure. Self-healing. Scalable.

VTX Mesh is our decentralised, wireless communication network that enables widespread connectivity. Highly secure, self-healing and self-forming, get reliable end-to-end communication between your IoT devices.

VTX Infra has the capability to measure a number of different elements and is a cost-effective solution to a number of issues across the railway.

Des Alford Infrastructure Manager, Network Rail

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Coverage Range

300m per device.

3D Representation

LiDAR scanners create digital 3D representations of your assets.


Can be installed to trackside, tunnel walls, gantry poles or bollards.

Mains or Solar Powered

240v mains powered (24 watts) or solar panel option available

Wireless Communication

A self contained MESH network with 4G/5G options available.


API options available for Rail Systems Integration
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