Mesh Network for Smart Cities

IoT network connectivity that never fails.

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Secure. Self Healing. Scalable.

A decentralised, wireless communication protocol that puts the power in your hands. Highly secure, self-healing and self-forming, get reliable end to end communication between any IoT device.

Join the largest mesh network in Europe, today.

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A Smart Network, For Smart Environments

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Limitless Scalability

Connect your devices to our low powered thread network. With auto configuration, add thousands of devices with zero hassle. Total scalability and stability even in the harshest, remote environments.

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Future Proof

Guarantee you always have the latest in protocol firmware. We configure and update our network remotely using over the air firmware updates for installed devices.

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Minimised Power Consumption

Built on IEEE802.15.4 standard, VTX Mesh is ideal for battery powered sensor networks and offers low latency. Save power with a protocol that only activates radios when an event occurs.

Reduced Costs. Eliminate costs across your infrastructure.

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Once devices are connected you can save money with:

Data. Transmit data without paying the fees. SIM card usage can be reduced to installation at the gateway of a network. For complete SIM-free operation, connect your gateway to fixed-line internet.
Easy installation. Autonomous, the VTX Mesh is quick and easy to deploy, keeping external costs down.
Maintenance free. Forget single points of failure. Self-healing devices remove the need for external intervention and on-site maintenance.

Traditional pollution monitors are expensive to install in the density required. The edge processing on Vortex’s mesh network was key to keeping the data sent back to base at the minimum.

John Galsworthy Director, Parking, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham



Wireless Mesh Network for secure and reliable data transmission

Fit and forget

OTA firmware update provides capability


Can reach over 3km using line-of-sight routers

Multi-channel access

2.4GHz (16 Channels)


Self-organising network for resilience

Level 1 Interoperability

6LoWPAN or Thread based devices are by default supported through our gateway user APIs using CoAP and MQTT

Level 2 Interoperability

Bluetooth v5 and BLE devices are supported through our dual radio router/power supply units and gateway user APIs using CoAP and MQTT.

Level 3 Interoperability

Other or non-wireless devices are connected and are optionally powered by our router power supply units. Serial interfaces available are RS485, RS232, mircoUSB.
Full product details - Download the VTX Mesh Data Sheet

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