Smart Parking System

Save drivers time and improve customer experience with parking space monitoring. Access actionable data on parking space availability in real-time.

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Changing the Future of Parking

Optimise your vehicle parking capacity with VTX Park’s LiDAR technology. Our smart parking system automatically monitors car parking space availability in real-time and directs your customers to them.

With total scalability, it’s the perfect choice for both large and small scale applications.

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Parking. Reinvented.

Improve customer experience and maximise parking efficiency.

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Optimised Parking

Detect available car parking spaces in real-time via cloud connectivity. With AI, you can classify vehicle type usage and predict traffic flow.

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Reduced Pollution

Eliminate long waiting periods and static traffic to decrease air particulate and gaseous pollutants from car emissions.

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Enhanced Efficiency

Identify vehicle type, frequency and ease of space use. Shorten the time drivers spend on the road looking for spaces and improve customer experience with reduced wait times.

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Create Additional Spaces

Control where and when people park. For example, monitored yellow lines can be opened up at specific times of day for specific vehicle types.

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Vtx mesh

Secure. Self-healing. Scalable.

VTX Mesh is our decentralised, wireless communication network that enables widespread connectivity. Highly secure, self-healing and self-forming, get reliable end-to-end communication between your IoT devices.
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Vtx park

Includes VTX Air

When you invest in VTX Park, you also get access to VTX Air. With insights you can act on, our air quality monitor collects data on the pollution caused by vehicles by measuring traffic flow and noise levels.


Advanced AI and machine learning

Ensure maintenance free operation

Monitor traffic flow

LiDAR and acoustic array for traffic monitoring

Real-time data

Monitor parking space availability 24/7

Air quality monitoring

Detect particulates PM2.5/10 and Gaseous NO2/O3

Low-power network

Efficient and cost effective local solutions.

Variety of fittings

Retrofit to lamp posts or stand alone fittings for vertical surfaces

Fully scalable and dynamic

A system that meets your unique needs

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Start Monitoring

We deliver market-leading sensors that are easy to install, self-maintaining, and long-lasting. Get started with Vortex today and make reducing air pollution simple.