Announcement Marston Holdings acquires Vortex IoT to enhance end-to-end air quality and decarbonisation offering.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Maximise uptime, optimise maintenance costs and eliminate disruption. Predictive maintenance and optimised operations solutions for rail and highways.

The Challenge. Managing the performance, costs, and risks of your rail assets is a challenge.

Their performance directly impacts service levels and the profitability of your organisation. Rail assets should deliver sustainable value by optimising their lifetime costs.

It is vital to monitor both the condition of your stations and tunnels obstructions/intrusions to keep operations running and to continue delivering quality of service. However, manual inspections are both costly and a safety hazard to workers and passengers.


Increase in safety incidents


Of rail passengers are unsatisfied


of trains are delayed

How we help. You need to increase uptime, minimise maintenance costs, and avoid disruptions to service.

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Our expertise in infrastructure management for rail and next generation IoT sensors is industry leading, we understand your challenges.

Better and faster decision making is possible. Our solution to remote infrastructure management for rail is powered by the Vortex Mesh Network that seamlessly passes on large volumes of data, securely.

With zero maintenance, your assets are remotely monitored, 24-7. We help organisations to quickly:

  • Identify assets performance
  • Analyse abnormal behaviour
  • Track investment needs
  • Prevent failures
  • Flag risks

Take the next step to continuous asset management and secure the future success of your rail operations.

I believe this product will go a long way in the market and the company can help us with the safety aspect of the business.

Gregan Quick Project Manager, Network Rail
Vtx infra

24/7 Asset Management

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Insights you can act on
  • Decreased downtime
  • Enhanced security

VTX Infra has the capability to measure a number of different elements and is a cost-effective solution to a number of issues across the railway.

Des Alford Infrastructure Manager, Network Rail

Want to save time, reduce risk and lower your costs?

Optimise your asset infrastructure with VTX Infra.

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VTX Mesh

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