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Smart Parking Sensor Technology

Our smart parking sensor technology helps to reduce air pollution and save drivers time. Applying advanced, yet simple to install technology, drivers can be directed to available car parking spaces.

The Challenge.

Vehicles are a big contributor to carbon emissions and as cities and towns get busier, finding a parking spot can be highly polluting and time consuming.

Governments are setting tighter air pollution targets to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Vehicle parking is a big non essential contributor to air pollution due to the extra driving required to find a parking space.

We need to embrace a smarter way to park, especially when you consider the facts:


Of motorists avoid driving to shops due to problems finding parking.


UK drivers spend an average of 44 hours a year searching for parking (£733 each in wasted time, fuel and emissions)


Of UK drivers feel stressed trying to find a parking spot

How we help. Smart parking IoT sensors.

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Smart parking IoT sensors hold the key to reducing emissions associated with parking and saving drivers time.

VTX Park uses smart parking sensor technology to identify free spaces, including underused roadside parking, and direct drivers to the right parking for their vehicle type.

Our solution has been designed by applying our industry-leading expertise with high level traffic management simulations. Analyse traffic flow and waiting times to make smart decisions that improve the experience of drivers and minimise congestion.

Start your journey towards a fully integrated, time saving smart parking solution.

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Vtx air

Improve Air Quality and Meet Compliance

VTX Park operates on the same network as our air quality monitors. Bundle both together to achieve a smarter, more sustainable and resilient environment.

Vortex is a leader in realising the combination of IoT, ML & AI and Big Data to deliver value. They build leading solutions that combine high fidelity next-generation sensors, onboard artificial intelligence and communications to address previously unsolvable problems.

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Real-time parking space detection

  • Real-time parking space detection sensors
  • Monitor traffic flow (LiDAR and acoustic array sensors)
  • Real-time data, 24/7
  • Built in air quality monitoring

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Mounted on public transportation, VTX City (CURBS) utilizes LiDAR to provide detailed 3D point cloud visualizations of each vehicle's surroundings as it travels.
Urban Environment Scanning Vehicle-2-Infrastructure AI & LiDAR

Vortex and Cepton Partner to Enable V2I Solutions with Smart Lidar and AI

Innovative project in West Midlands, UK turns buses into mobile road inspection tools to help build safer, greener and smarter cities.

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Hammersmith & Fulham are world leaders in air quality monitoring

Hammersmith and Fulham are already benefitting from the world's densest air quality sensor network, and its only getting bigger. The council will have deployed an air…

VTX City unit at WM5G Exhibition Stand
Urban Environment Scanning Vehicle-2-Infrastructure AI & LiDAR

Vortex technology receives Smart City Initiative Award

The revolutionary 5G-enabled road and rail transport project was recognised in the West Midlands 5G Project that won at Connected Britain Awards

Do you want fast, time saving, emission reducing, no maintenance parking management?

VTX Park integrates with your existing infrastructure to optimise your parking environment.

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