Smart City Networks

Transforming city management with smart connectivity. Connect thousands of devices to our city mesh network, including smart sensors and scanners to monitor asset condition, urban infrastructure and air quality, in a reliable and convenient way.

The Challenge. Demands on city and town managers have never been higher.

As more and more people live in cities the pressure on infrastructure assets is growing. Air quality targets are getting tighter too.

Urban managers need a smarter way to stay on top of city asset management and environmental monitoring. The sector is set to experience huge growth over the next decade or two. Cities that don’t keep up with the trend for smart networks will fall behind rapidly.

Precise, automated data collection and analysis is the key to successful city and town management in the digital era. The only way to achieve this is through low latency, highly reliable wireless connectivity.

3.9 Billion

People live in cities globally today

6 Billion

People expected to live in cities by 2045


Global smart cities market is set to grow from $411 billion in 2020 to $821 billion in 2025

Traditional pollution monitors are expensive to install in the density required. The edge processing on Vortex’s mesh network was key to keeping the data sent back to base at the minimum.

John Galsworthy Director, Parking, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Ready to join the largest mesh network in Europe?

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With VTX Mesh it’s simple to add scanning devices to key locations and start monitoring what matters to you. You can analyse car parking space availability in real-time and gather air pollution data 24/7. As each device is added, the network will configure itself to make sure that all the data is fed to the relevant cloud storage location to deliver insights you can act on.

Powered by advanced AI, our city mesh network automatically creates end-to-end communication for all your IoT devices without any hassle or downtime.

The network is fully self-healing. It diagnoses faults or missing connections and automatically repairs them to maximise uptime.

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Vtx mesh

Smart City Network

  • Decentralised, private, secure wireless smart city network
  • Self-organising and self-healing with built in AI engine
  • No need for SIM cards
  • Fully scalable - add thousands of IoT devices

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