Vortex IoT build sensors and networks for harsh environments where conditions are hostile, power supply is limited, AI is needed & data security is critical.

At Vortex IoT we blend emerging technologies with your Industry 4.0 and digital ambitions to deliver scalable, rapidly deployed, sustainable and cost effective solutions to solve known business challenges.

We provide practical solutions for managing the performance, condition and cost of high value assets by generating sensor data that enables insight, smart decisions and Machine to Machine Interaction.


By 'Making the Physical Digital' we allow you to manage 'Real-Events in Real-Time'.


Data platform agnostic, we are working with global scale customers delivering game changing solutions that are driving operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance and providing real-time data driven insights at point of need.


Through a combination of sensor design and leveraging AI and Edge Computing capabilities our IoT system offers unrivaled rapidly deployed, low-maintenance and energy efficient solutions that can achieve 2+ years battery life whilst also generating data 24/7 x 365.


By drawing on our expertise in IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with the capabilities of our Self-Healing & Self-Organising Wireless Mesh Network we are delivering next generation Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) solutions to the rail industry.