Making The Physical Digital

Vortex IoT build sensing devices and network systems for harsh environments, where conditions are hostile, power supply is limited, AI is needed and data security is critical.

Cleantech IoT Solutions

Vortex IoT provides affordable, practical Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to deliver greater environmental impact, improve efficiency and help meet Net Zero targets.  We are an innovative, product driven business with an IoT and AI based system focused on solutions for Air Quality Monitoring, Asset Performance Management and Remote Condition Monitoring.


By 'Making the Physical Digital' we allow you to manage 'Real-Events in Real-Time' helping you reduce costs and carbon footprint and improve health outcomes.  


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Mesh networking is the backbone of everything we do at Vortex IoT. Our Vortex Mesh Network is an ultra low-power cognitive wireless network designed for IoT connectivity in harsh industrial environments.


Next Generation Cleantech, hyper-local Particulate Matter Sensor for Industrial and Smart City applications.


RODIO (Railway Optical Detection of Intrusions and Obstructions) is a RCM solution for detecting obstacles on rail tracks.