Heavy Industry

We design and build practical IoT solutions for use in industrial and harsh environments. Our solutions deliver operational efficiencies, drive regulatory compliance and provide data driven insights.

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Smart Infrastructure

By combining sensor technologies and leveraging AI and Edge Computing technologies our sensor networks offer truly energy efficient solutions. We also have a range of sensors that through a combination of energy harvesting and low power consumption can achieve 2+ years battery life whilst also generating data 24/7x365.

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Rail Infrastructure

Low powered, intelligent sensors drive safety and efficiency while enhancing passenger journeys. Innovative solutions for passenger and industrial rail applications.

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Vortex IoT

We are focused on delivering practical "Internet of Things" solutions into the Heavy Industry, Smart Infrastructure and Rail Infrastructure sectors.

Where "off the shelf" solutions fail due to harsh conditions or power limitations we have a full suite of bespoke and scalable sensor devices. Our IoT ecosystem combines the physical devices with cognitive mesh networks and cutting edge block chain security.

The Vortex IoT ecosystem embraces the paradigm of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platfrom as a Service (PaaS) allowing rapid onboarding, seamless scaling and "pay per use" commercial models.


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