Vortex IoT is a truly progressive company designing and implementing creative solutions to solve business challenges. This International Women’s Day, they’re celebrating two of their boundary-pushing female staff.

Seham Hammad works as a software developer, developing microservices and User Interface for Vortex IoT. Seham earned her MSc in Advanced Software Development at the Dublin Institute of Technology and since then has become an experienced software engineer.

Working in a male dominated industry, Seham’s first experience was at Dell in Limerick where she was initially wary of being one of very few women surrounded by men. However, as time went on, Seham’s confidence grew as she proved to herself that she was just as capable as those around her.

Seham’s advice to other women thinking about a career as a software developer would be:
“Believe in yourself and your capabilities to integrate with the ICT industry and don’t let anything to stand in your way.”

Chloe McKay is the company’s digital marketing assistant, responsible for managing and developing social media profiles, producing marketing materials and assisting with marketing activity.

This is a complete change for Chloe who is currently studying for her Business Management degree from Swansea University.

Although there are more men in the office than women, Chloe feels that it’s a close-knit team where gender isn’t an issue and she enjoys getting to know her colleagues, hearing about their experiences and learning along the way about what they do at Vortex IoT.

Chloe’s advice to someone thing about breaking into the ICT industry is: “It may seem daunting at first but be confident and go for it, follow your dreams and don’t let anything hold you back, gender doesn’t define your skills or ability.”