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City Transport Fleet

WATCH: How can transport contribute to wider asset management?

View the webinar below to learn how transport can contribute to asset management by utilising new emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, LiDAR, and 5G…

Vortex Office
Climate Change Team Vortex Air Quality Monitoring

Vortex's Race to Zero Emissions Targets

The Green Brick Road: How Vortex is Achieving our Road to Zero Emissions Targets. Discussing Vortex’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, including why we are…

Ozone air pollution monitoring
Climate Change Air Pollution Ozone

Ozone Exposure and Our Health

Ozone can be “good” or “bad” for us, depending on where it is found. This article outlines some of the health effects caused by ozone, what we are doing to reduce exposure…

Webinar Thumbnail Convergence of 5G
Remote Asset Monitoring Rail Digital Twins

Vortex webinar - Convergence of AI, 5G and LiDAR for digital twins in rail

Read the Q&A interview published in WeRail and watch the Webinar below on how Vortex are developing products for the next generation of mobility

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Team Vortex Innovation Engineering

Vortex uses 3DEXPERIENCE Works to deliver clean technologies on time

VORTEX designers were able to keep working despite the pandemic because the cloud-based 3D Experience Works platform enabled remote collaboration and leveraging of…

Rail tracks desert
Remote Infrastructure Management Middle East Rail

Vortex IoT attend Middle East Rail 2020

The Middle East's mobility landscape is undergoing an exciting transition, with growing populations requiring smarter cities and a fresh, innovative approach to…

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